Clinical Massage is a type of massage therapy that creatively combines a variety of Eastern and Western techniques to help reduce, eliminate or manage pain, increase range of motion, improve posture and help you relax. Pain of all kinds can have a significant impact on your life.


Body Mechanics is defined as “the study of proper body movement to prevent and correct posture problems, reduce stress and enhance physical capabilities”.


The basis of this practical technique: Posture, Skeletal Alignment, Precision Rehabilitation Exercises and Clinical/Remedial Massage.

What can you expect during the Treatment?

– in the first session, after we will talk about your symptoms, clinical history, daily activities and habits, I will check your posture from toes up to the head, to determine where your muscles are imbalanced or tight and to understand which were the trigger factors for your condition

– the treatment consists of hands-on soft tissue clinical massage (adjusting the pressure accordingly with your own sensitivity)

– I will give you a few tips to correct your posture, your bad habits and movement pattern- where necessary

– a remedial exercise programme will be given to you at the end of the session, to be performed at home, on your own comfort on a daily basis.

What can you expect after the Treatment?

– most of the people feel the whole body relaxed and an immediate relief of their symptoms

– occasionally, straightaway a treatment can cause a body reaction – setting off the “healing response”, where symptoms may increase for a day or two

The Muscular Fascia needs re-hydrating (as part of the fascia is fluid), therefore after the treatment, it’s indicated to drink plenty of water!

According to your condition, a MINIMUM OF 3 up to 6 BODY MECHANICS MASSAGE TREATMENT SESSIONS will be recommended to feel improvements.

It’s important to understand that your body needs time to heal, as your condition was build up over time.

Understanding what has caused your condition, correcting your posture and habits, following the treatment sessions and remedial exercise programme, can lead you to a faster and more permanent improvement!

BODY MECHANICS Sarling Technique can HELP with improving conditions as:

– Back/Neck/Shoulder pains

– Whiplash

–  Headaches/Migraines

– Tennis and Golfers Elbow

–  Arthritic pains

–  Carpal Tunnel

–  Knee/Hips (including ante- and post-op)

–  Tendonitis

–  Plantar Fasciitis

– Sciatica

– Scoliosis

– Fibromyalgia

– Sports Injury

– R.S.I.

– etc

The treatments listed above are not intended to be a substitute for seeking proper medical advice. 

Always consult your GP if you have any concern about your health, or are currently under medical supervision.