Shirley M.

“Thank you Violeta for a lovely treatment . Over the weeks I’ve been coming to you there’s definitely some improvement in my hip and knee and I’m walking a lot better now xx”


Steven M.

Violeta was do pleasingly professional gave me some great advice which I shall be following up we be seeing her again soon A lot of helpful hints thanks You so much


Kath E.

“Having just had the all clear of cancer which affected my nervous system. I felt amazing after an amazing, relaxing massage. Felt totally safe. Can’t wait for my next one.”


Rosie E.

“Violetta was so sensitive and considerate. Very warm and I felt safe to cry and release emotions. She did an excellent reiki treatment and talked to me afterwards about what had come up.”


Laura A.

“I had a wonderful lymphatic massage with Violeta today. It was the first time I’d seen her and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed straight away. She knows her stuff and was incredibly generous with her advice and knowledge. I left feeling very looked after and I will be booking again soon. Thank you.”


Chrisanthea A.

“Violeta Thank you so much! The experience with you was amazing I feel a difference in my posture even with two sessions and the change, looking at the photos you took it’s a great shame that I cannot continue with you as I live so far away but… when I’m in Hertford again I will definitely pay you a visit and I will highly recommend you! Thanks again! x”


Pauline B.

“I would like to express my grateful thanks for treatment to a long deep scar, the result of knee replacement. The scar has improved tremendously and the numb area I was left with on the side of my knee, now I have feeling there. Grateful for the treatment I received from Vio”


Sue H. 

“Back in January of 2017, I would have been bent over my stick with arthritic pain in hips and knee looking forward to a sit-down + a cuppa.

A knee replacement operation in 2011 had led to me having problems with overcompensating with my posture + how I walked.

At the age of 67 years, I have Violeta to thank for having the knowledge, expertise + ability to have improved my well being a hundredfold.

No longer do I need my walking stick, and to stop every so often when walking to give my aches + pains a rest; no longer do I need painkillers to numb the pain.

I have mobility + ease of movement which I haven’t had for years!

She has a lovely + caring personality and a fantastic sense of healing + humour.”


Neil B. 

“Violeta understands how the body works so well that she intuitively finds the right parts to work on and communicates very well. Very grateful for her talent and character”


Laura V. 

“Violeta is such a lovely person and her treatments are wonderful. Can’t wait to visit her again.”


Holly K.

“The lovely therapist Vio, makes you feel very comfortable whatever condition you may/may not have.

She explains what she is doing and why and if you are really interested will give you more details.

I had no energy and felt quite rough and exhausted for months and still undiagnosed. I went along to see if Lymphatic Drainage would help me… I had not changed anything else in my life. I had a further few sessions and it has made me feel so much better!

I still have my medical issue but I am having more of a life again… I can now have some social activities.

Vio loves to have a challenge and really wants to make a difference to your health and that is so refreshing that she cares so much.

It has been a real pleasure to meet Vio and have the treatment. I look forward to the next session”


Linda C.

Amazing Lady! After one treatment, I am no longer swollen. I have my hands back working, and the rest of my body! XXX


Alison K.

I recently had a full body massage with Vio… whilst lying on this amazing Infrared amethyst pad which made a big difference. The heat I felt from the pad helped to relax my muscles even further thereby allowing all my muscles to gain the most benefit from Vio’s therapeutic massage. I would highly recommend you try this combination if you haven’t before….
A Big thank you to Vio and her magical hands….. Alison x


 Alison K.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Vio Olariu for an amazing massage…. Was out of this world and just what I needed today xxx”


Jen T.

Wonderful Healerzone meeting in Letchworth this evening. Fab presentation with lots of info, practical exercises and wonderful humour by Vio Olariu on the impact of our posture and gait on well-being.


Pauline W. 

“We would like to thank Violeta for a very informative workshop this evening.

I didn’t realize the way we walk, sit and stand could have a direct cause for all our aches and pains: Sciatica, migraine, muscle tension, poor body alignment, bunions and other feet problems.

Many which are treated with painkillers, where good alignment through various exercises would eradicate the problems.

Violeta is a therapist at our centre who specialised in treatment to help at with these problems alongside advice and exercises to do at home. X”


Fay J.

“Good afternoon – PLANTAR FASCIITIS update

I am zero, yes zero pain-free!! I’ve been hitting the dance floor in heels expecting to have overdone it! Although I woke with a slight ache and stiffness after completing the exercises, I found myself pain-free again.
I most definitely recommend Vio, her skills and her knowledge of any physical ailments that need addressing.
Wishing you continued success and will be booking a return soon xx”



“My mother of 73 yrs has just had her 2nd treatment. She has been suffering from bad knees and oedema around her ankles. Bunions and fallen arches (I have that too!) Has had trouble walking and after her first session you could see the improvement in her posture and walking too. She too has simple exercises to do at home and has been enjoying the benefits and I see her smiling and feeling happier in herself.

So thank you Vio we are very grateful for your skills and advice.”


Pauline B.

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful treatment I received from your talented hands today. It is amazing the difference it made.

Most of the pain has disappeared. Swelling greatly reduced and the comfort it has made to my day is immense. Thank you so much I am astounded. I noticed a big big difference when transferring myself to the bed as I did not wince in pain but leg went smoothly on to the bed. I know I will have a better night. And again a big thank you x