The Online consultations are aiming to offer you support with improving health and well-being.

You can get help with pain management, stress level reduction and improving the quality of your life.

You save time and money on travelling, and you can get help in situations when you may find difficult to move.

During the online consultations:

  • I will be teaching you basic techniques of self-help massage,
  • I will guide you towards changing your habits (which in many cases can be a trigger of the physical pain)
  • I will show you different alternatives to carrying on the daily tasks which will help you reduce the strain on your muscles and joints,
  • I will be creating and offering you a tailored remedial exercise programme to helping with alleviate the pain, release the stress, and correct your posture.


  • 15 min- FREE online pre-assessment 
  • 60 min- Online appointment = £60
  • 30 min- Online appointment = £30

During the free initial online consultation l will do an assessment, then we will talk about your pathology and symptoms, and I will give you details about the future appointments and what you can achieve.

If you are satisfied then we will schedule the first online appointment.

Healthcare Disclaimer:
• The information within this entire self help system including presentations, videos and any publications, text, graphics, images or other material are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, assessment, or treatment.
• Always seek the advice of your medical team, dental team or other medical healthcare provider with any questions in regard to a medical condition or
• Always consult with your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any new health care regimen
• Never delay seeking or disregard professional advice because of anything you may read, see or hear within this system.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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